RTC: NFL's new passing-game partners

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Several teams have new elements to their passing game, including the Houston Texans, writes Barry Wilner of the Associated Press. Wilner says: "Fitzpatrick has plenty of starting experience, and he's never had a pass-catch partner as skilled as Johnson. But he's also maddeningly inconsistent, and Houston has no proven wideout to complement Johnson." They might not have a wideout proven during the regular season, but if second-year DeAndre Hopkins plays like he has in practice, he'll be a strong complement to Johnson.

Texans' general manager Rick Smith wants to be successful, and learn from the mistakes he made with the 2013 draft, writes Brian Smith of the Houston Chronicle. Rick Smith initially sat down with Brian Smith during the 2013 season, but cut the interview off, apparently. They picked back up this week, and the general manager chose his words carefully. "We're all going to make mistakes," Rick Smith said. "What do you do after you've done that? Can you look at a situation and learn from it? And then, moving forward, can you really implement what you learn? And that's growth. That's evolution and that's maturation. That's all those things that we're all trying to do in our lives."

John Harris of HoustonTexans.com provides a detailed review of Thursday's practices.