Fitzpatrick on the QB bond

DENVER -- Around the NFL, you hear a lot that quarterbacks root for each other.

They like to see each other succeed. They like to help each other when they can. Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, especially, has been known to do that.

On Thursday, we talked about how special it was for Texans' rookie Tom Savage that Manning checked in on him this week.

Texans starter Ryan Fitzpatrick first met Manning as a college quarterback back when he was at Harvard. He attended Manning's Passing Academy (and didn't expect that Manning would remember that).

"I was a college counselor, but I didn’t think at that point that the NFL was in my future," Fitzpatrick said. "Looking back on it, it was just a really neat experience for me to go against some of the other college guys and kind of size myself up and meet the Manning family."

Position groups in the NFL tend to bond, even crossing team lines. But it seems to be a much more active bond with quarterbacks. There are fewer of them, they can often feel isolated in the glare of the spotlight that comes with their roles, and more is expected of quarterbacks than just about anywhere else on the field.

"I think quarterbacks in the NFL, it’s a brotherhood," Fitzpatrick said. "We’ve all got our bond and we all go through similar ups and downs and all the same things. Some of us more than others, obviously, but it’s a nice thing that we share."