Travis Labhart gaining confidence

DENVER -- Admittedly, I can't watch every single drill every Houston Texans' player completes during practices, as I am only one person. But when I've watched Travis Labhart, the undrafted rookie receiver out of Texas A&M, he's caught everything sent his way.

"Coaches hopefully just are beginning to trust me and players alike," Labhart said. "That begins with the quarterbacks as well, because you don’t want to trick the quarterback. Then they’re not going to look your way if they can’t count on you."

Most of Labhart's reps come with backup quarterback Case Keenum and the two have connected on some excellent throws. They are certainly gaining confidence in each other as the preseason progresses.

Labhart's progression as a receiver has been tremendous, given that he was a college walk-on not too long ago and a practice player for the A&M women's basketball team.

He's perfectly aware of just how much he's learned.

"The coaching is just phenomenal," Labhart said. "I’ve learned so much. ... In the NFL, it’s a whole new ballgame. It has opened my eyes to a whole lot of new things. I’m just learning more about the game and I think the coaching has been outstanding. Also, the veteran leadership with Andre Johnson, Mike Thomas and all those guys have been really helpful to me gaining confidence and getting better as a player."

Making the Texans' 53-man roster won't be easy for Labhart. The Texans' receiver room is crowded and he's not the only member of it who has improved in the past several months. With his play, though, he's giving himself a chance.