Is Ed Reed right about the Texans?

BALTIMORE -- Ed Reed knows special.

He felt it last season with a Baltimore Ravens team that sputtered at times (including in Houston), that dealt with injury and personal tragedy, but ultimately finished the season as champions.

"We had a special team," said Reed, who could make his Texans debut today. "We went through something that I said after the game was out of our hands. It was truly God’s work that was working within us because we went through a lot. From the start, I remember Torrey [Smith] losing his brother so that is a lot of connections that we had with that team. I was saying it that year that we were on that road."

It was almost like an afterthought when Reed connected his current team and his former team last week.

"I’m telling these guys the same thing because I feel it," he said.

Could something special be brewing in Houston?

It's hard to know the answer to that so early in the season.

They're only the second team since the merger in 1970 that has won their first two games on the last play of the game. But the last team to do that was the 2007 Denver Broncos, who went on to finish 7-9 and miss the playoffs. Denver's first two wins that year were against the Oakland Raiders (4-12) and the Buffalo Bills (7-9).

Last year's Ravens offer the counterpoint.

The way a season starts doesn't necessarily tell you anything about how it will finish. Whether or not the Texans can turn this into a special season will depend on how they grow and develop and how they fix the mistakes they've made so far.

To do it, they need to have believers inside the locker room. And they certainly have one in Reed.