Texans OC: Schaub learning from mistakes

HOUSTON -- Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison's explanation for quarterback Matt Schaub's interceptions this season was simple.

"He's made bad decisions," Dennison said.

Those bad decisions have resulted in two defensive touchdowns against the Texans and two more interceptions that didn't have such disastrous consequences. Either way, they haven't been good for a Texans offense that will face its toughest challenge yet in the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.

Seattle's defense has five interceptions and four forced fumbles this week.

Schaub was clear after Sunday's 30-9 loss in Baltimore that he needs to play better for the team to win. And Kubiak said today that the most concerning thing for him right now is the Texans' turnover margin.

He wouldn't say elaborate further, but Dennison said Schaub knows why he made the mistakes he made.

It was noted to Dennison at today's news conference that Schaub isn't a young player who should be prone to poor decision making anymore. Dennison replied that the important thing is to keep asking why and making sure he knows. Knowing why is the first step to being able to correct them.

"We just keep telling him," Dennison said. "We’ll ask him why he made that decision and why that’s wrong. He made the wrong decision based on what he sees in coverage. I can’t go any further than that. He made the wrong decision. He understands why after watching the film and he’ll make the corrections."