Pro Football Focus on J.J. Watt's dominance

The league's MVP votes are already in, but the results won't be announced until Super Bowl week.

The Houston Texans' J.J. Watt won't be lacking for honors in the meantime. For a lot of the season, Pro Football Focus has noted Watt's statistical dominance. Because of it, they awarded him with their top player award. They note that while the best player in most sports is usually the most valuable, in football the quarterback is the most valuable position. They've opted to choose a best player, rather than a most valuable"

"It’s beginning to get difficult to explain just how much better than his peers Watt is. Zero is designed to be the 'average' PFF grade. There were 20 3-4 DEs with a grade lower than zero this season. Only 27, including Watt, graded above zero. The second-best of those was Sheldon Richardson with a +39.9 grade, nine sacks, 54 total pressures and 32 defensive stops. Watt posted an insane +107.5 grade, 21 sacks, 119 total pressures and 61 defensive stops. He also had 10 batted passes, four forced fumbles, an interception, a defensive touchdown, a safety ... oh, and he scored three receiving touchdowns moonlighting as a tight end in goal-line packages.

Watt is so far out on his own in terms of play that he breaks every graph we create to try and illustrate it, extending axes and generally sitting off on a data point all to himself. He is completely redefining what we thought a defensive player was capable of, and is only getting better."

Their runners-up were Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston, Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris and Baltimore Ravens guard Marshall Yanda, in that order.

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