Upon Further Review: Texans Week 10

A review of four hot issues from the Houston Texans' 28-23 loss to the Oakland Raiders:

Quarterback carousel: Want some clarity on the quarterback situation? Don't ask Texans coach Gary Kubiak for any. Here's how Kubiak replied to a question about next week's starter: "I have to go look at everything we did. I think we did a lot of things poorly. We had a lot of penalties, a lot of things going on as a football team. We rough a punter in a situation where we can't rough a punter. We had a lot of thing going on. We'll continue to work through it. We'll see."

Player angst about fan angst: Fans got another opportunity to boo Matt Schaub, and this time that booing had a tangible adverse impact on the Texans' offense. Left guard Wade Smith said the Texans had to go to their silent count, something that shouldn't happen at home. Running back Ben Tate called the fans "wishy-washy." It is unfortunate for the Texans that they lost what's supposed to be part of their home-field advantage. They have the right to be upset at their fans for causing that. And the fans who booed have the right to do that, too.

Redeeming Bullock and Martin: Here on this blog, we've talked a lot about the struggles of two special-teams players: returner Keshawn Martin and kicker Randy Bullock. It's only fair now to highlight their successes. Bullock made both field goals he attempted, including a 51-yarder to give the Texans a three-point lead going into halftime. Martin made a fantastic play that tied the game in the first half. He let a punt bounce off his chest, caught it, and then weaved through the field skillfully and patiently to score. The 87-yard return was the longest punt return in franchise history.

More sacks for Watt: "Whatever is beyond frustrated, that's where I'm at," Texans defensive end J.J. Watt said after the game. He's talked often about how bad losing feels. Watt had another strong game on Sunday, including two sacks for a total loss of 21 yards.