Free-agency review: Texans

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Most significant signing: This is a tough one ... so many choices ... I think I'll go with ... Garrett Graham! Of course, Graham is the only player the Texans have signed during the new league year. They let him test the market for a few days before reaching a three-year deal worth $11.25 million last week. This was an important signing for the Texans. Having released last year's starting, tight end Owen Daniels, days prior, losing Graham meant risking a great deal of uncertainty at the position. Graham is ready to be a starting tight end and I anticipate he'll be a good one.

Most significant loss: Would have to go with Antonio Smith or Earl Mitchell on this one. Mitchell's body type isn't exactly what the Texans would have wanted, but they did make an unexpected attempt to re-sign him. I texted with Smith briefly on Friday night and he said he was most excited about his role with the Raiders. He told Mark Berman of Fox 26 the Texans wanted to turn him into a third-down rusher, a demotion from the starting role he's had in Houston.

Biggest surprise: I am a little surprised the activity has been so minimal, not just with signings but with inquiries. The Texans were scheduled to host quarterback Josh McCown after he visited Tampa Bay, but he never made it out. Houston's salary cap situation wasn't nearly as dire this year as it was last year. There is the theory that it's smart to sit out the first week of free agency to avoid overspending.

What’s next? Nose tackle Vince Wilfork requested that the Patriots release him and then went on vacation. He's a guy to watch in the near future because, if healthy (cue the Ed Reed flashbacks), he's a great fit for Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel's defense.