RTC: What does J.J. Watt have in common with Marshawn Lynch?

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans...

Rich Eisen sent out a selfie of himself before interviewing J.J. Watt for his show and he opens this interview asking Watt if that was okay. Watt says it's okay, until Eisen points out it was during the show, at which point Watt says, with a chuckle, maybe he should take it more seriously then. "It's been a fun ride, that's for sure," Watt says about his success so far. Eisen makes an interesting comparison between Watt and Marshawn Lynch. He says Lynch is the only player he's seen whose play can rile up a crowd as much as Watt's can. Both of Watt's defensive touchdowns were at home, and it was incredible to listen to the roar crescendo as he rumbled into the end zone each time.

One more video in today's loosely named RTC: the telestrator with HoustonTexans.com's John Harris and Texans coach Bill O'Brien. They review one of Ryan Mallett's completions to Andre Johnson, in which O'Brien points out that Mallett was able to get everybody in the right protections, which gave him time and space to find Johnson. They look at one of Alfred Blue's runs, in which O'Brien notes that Blue showed the patience to let his hole develop, and then hit it hard as soon as he made the decision that it was there. And, finally, Akeem Dent's sack, in which the Texans ran a cross blitz with inside linebackers Dent and Brian Cushing. O'Brien mentioned that the Texans had been working on the timing of their blitzes last week.

Former Texan Ben Tate, who hoped to be a starter upon leaving Houston after last season, was waived by the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday, writes our Jeremy Fowler. Tate rushed twice for minus-9 yards against the Texans on Sunday.