Phillips expected Ed Reed to be like Watt

HOUSTON -- As safety Ed Reed held his first press conference with the New York media, his former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips began his own press conference, unprompted, by talking about Reed's impact.

"It really was a privilege and an honor to have coached a future Hall of Fame player," Phillips said. "... The guy was great around the locker room ... I wish him well, we wish him well with the Jets."

The reverential tone Phillips took in speaking about Reed sounded to me like the one players often take about Phillips. But for Reed in Houston, his legacy had a bigger impact than what he did on the field.

Asked whether the Texans expected more out of Ed Reed, Phillips said that was an understatement.

"We all thought he was going to be J.J. Watt of the secondary," Phillips said. "It didn't work out that way."

Having moved past it, Phillips seems to have changed his mind about Reed's comments that the Texans were outplayed and outcoached Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. Asked about it Monday, Phillips said the Texans like to keep their opinions about what goes wrong in house, rather than talk about them publicly. He didn't really answer when asked if he was surprised Reed didn't.

Today, Phillips was asked if he had a problem with Reed's comments and he plainly said, "No." He pointed to Reed's diminishing playing time, just as head coach Gary Kubiak did on Wednesday.