Gary Kubiak on Peyton Manning/Houston, Joe Marciano and getting another chance

INDIANAPOLIS -- Former Texans coach Gary Kubiak addressed the media here at the NFL scouting combine on Wednesday. Only one season removed from being fired as the Texans' head coach, Kubiak is right back in a head coaching role.

"Our business is crazy," Kubiak said. "I just feel very fortunate."

A few bullet points of Texans interest from Kubiak's presser.

  • He was asked if he and Peyton Manning have ever discussed Manning wanting to come to Houston after being released by the Colts four years ago. "That's never come up," Kubiak said. "I never talked to him the previous time. ... There was never a situation that I talked to him about Houston, and have not since i've come here. We just talked about this family, talked about his health, talked about where he's at and talked about my excitement toward coaching him."

  • Joe Marciano was the Texans' special teams coordinator from the start of the franchise until just after the Texans fired Kubiak, when they also fired Marciano. He became the Lions' special teams coordinator this week. "I think a lot of times in this business there's coaches that kind of reassess where they're at in their career and when go back at it are even more hungry than maybe they have been in the past," Kubiak said. "I think you're getting a guy that's really ready to go back to work and be successful. I know he's very excited to get back to work."

  • Did he know he'd be back to a head-coaching role so quickly? "I was very confident that I could do it," Kubiak said. "Did I know that? I can't say for sure you're going to get those opportunities. There's various things that have to happen. I had great things happen for me, for my situation in Baltimore to be a part of that is one of the reasons I'm getting this opportunity. I have a lot of confidence in what I do. I love teaching, I love coaching, I love working, so yes, I wanted to continue doing it. Did i know i would get a chance to do it in this capacity again real quick? No I can't say that."