Texans' salary cap allocation: Running backs

Earlier today, we reviewed the Texans running back snap counts. Let's take a look at the way running backs fit into their salary cap this past season.

Texans' Adjusted Cap Value: $133,467,230

Cap Value: $110,222,071

Dead Money / Other: $21,865,072

Cap Space: $1,380,087

Running back: $9,684,153 vs cap, 15.77 percent of offensive cap, 8.79 percent of overall cap

Arian Foster: $8,300,300 vs cap, 13.51 percent of offensive cap, 7.53 percent of overall cap

Jonathan Grimes: $495,000 vs cap, 0.81 percent of offensive cap, 0.45 percent of overall cap

Alfred Blue: $449,483 vs cap, 0.73 percent of offensive cap, 0.41 percent of overallcap

Jay Prosch: $439,670 vs cap, 0.72 percent of offensive cap, 0.4 percent of overall cap

The Texans allocated 42.69 percent more than the league average on running back cap space because of the chunk allocated to Foster, whose cap number is 728.16 percent higher than the average running back. Foster's cap number was the fourth-highest in the league this season after Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles. Cap-wise, the Texans have a lot more on the books offensively than defensively, a figure propelled by Foster and receiver Andre Johnson. They rank 12th in the NFL in offensive cap allocation and 28th in defensive cap allocation.