RTC: Eagles CB says Andre Johnson 'wasn't the same' Sunday

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

Eagles cornerback Cary Williams didn't see the same Andre Johnson he remembers on the field Sunday, writes Matt Hammond of Sports Radio 610. “I don’t know if he’s happy,” Williams said. “I'm not sure. I know he had some disputes before the season in a couple years now. But I know Andre Johnson. I know what he’s done over his career. Just the attitude. It just wasn’t the same. He’s a great player. I’m not sure if he was happy or anything like that. But I know that was a different Andre than I know.” Johnson was frustrated after the game. When asked if he thought he should get the ball more, he said he didn't have a comment on that.

Attrition compounds familiar Texans problems, writes Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle. How did things go bad for the Texans on Sunday? He muses that it might have started with the closed roof on a lovely and cool November afternoon.

The Texans are better than they were last season, but they still aren't as good as they should be, writes the Chronicle's Jerome Solomon. In the piece, he makes this point about Jadeveon Clowney liking a photo on Instagram during the game: "That the young man -- he is only 21 -- might have been browsing social media early in Sunday's game isn't that big a deal. He will learn that when you haven't contributed on the field, silly off-the-field items like looking through a smart phone, probably during a timeout, while in the locker room or an upstairs suite will draw silly criticism and far more attention than they deserve."

Mark Sanchez is far removed from his butt-fumble days. He provided an unlikely clutch save for the Eagles Sunday, writes Moisekapenda Bower of Houston's Culture Map.