NFLN survey/Super Bowl QB: Texans

A quarterback received the most votes for most respected player and player around whom to build a franchise from the 320 anonymous NFL players ESPN.com's NFL Nation polled.

A different quarterback, though, was the players' choice in the most high-pressure, clutch situation that exists for a quarterback. We asked: It's the 2-minute warning and the Super Bowl is on the line. Who do you want as your quarterback?

The players' choice was not Peyton Manning, the Broncos quarterback who could find himself in just such a situation this weekend. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady received 128 votes while Manning received 86, Aaron Rodgers received 32, Drew Brees received 21 and Ben Roethlisberger received 20.

No other quarterback got reached double-digit votes.

Neither Texans starter from the team's 2-14 2013 campaign received any votes. And neither did most team's quarterbacks. Players were pretty concentrated on this one as only 14 quarterbacks got votes.