Texans snap count analysis: Quarterbacks

We'll begin with a review of how the Houston Texans distributed their snaps this season with quarterbacks.


Ryan Fitzpatrick: 693 snaps, 65.3 percent

Case Keenum: 158 snaps, 100 percent

Ryan Mallett: 153 snaps, 14.4 percent

Tom Savage: 55 snaps, 5.2 percent

The second number calculates the percentage of the snaps for which this player was part of the Texans' roster, which is why Keenum was at 100 percent. On a team that doesn't experience such upheaval at the position, it would be a much simpler number, but the Texans needed reinforcements after so many injuries. Fitzpatrick said he expects to need another month and a half before returning to full strength after suffering a cleanly broken tibia against the Indianapolis Colts. Savage's playing time came entirely in that game in relief of Fitzpatrick, though his understanding of the offense was still not quite at the level the Texans needed. Keenum's familiarity was hugely helpful when he returned and led the Texans to two wins, his first two wins as a starting quarterback. Mallett becomes a free agent in March. Had he played in at least 60 percent of the Texans' snaps this season the Texans would have owed the Patriots a sixth-round pick in 2016. But his injury means that pick will be a seventh-rounder. Check back later today for some thoughts on the Texans' salary cap allocation at this position.