Luck has to find a new security blanket

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne has been quarterback Andrew Luck’s security blanket during the first 24 games (23 regular season and one playoff game) of his career.

How many times have you gone out to eat and couldn't find anything on the menu, so you went with the grilled chicken breast because you know it's the safe bet?

That was Wayne.

He was there when Luck needed him to get a first down. Luck knew Wayne would find a way to get open when nobody else could.

That’s no longer an option for Luck now that Wayne is out for the rest of the season with a knee injury.

“When all heck is breaking loose, you know where Reg is going to be,” Colts quarterback coach Clyde Christensen said. “You know he’s going to make a play for you. You kind of lose that. It’s going to happen. You know it’s going to happen at some point, at some key point in a game or a time. I think he’s been so resilient. That’s probably been the most impressive thing about him for the two years we’ve had him here is that he just keeps trucking. Someone will step up.”

Wayne has nine third-down catches for first downs this season. Tight end Coby Fleener and receiver T.Y. Hilton are next with four each.

Here’s a breakdown of how Luck has distributed the ball this season:

“He has been that security blanket,” Christensen said. “All of a sudden, we’ve all had a kid and they have theirs, there’s a time when you've got to take the security blanket away. There’s no more of that. We’re taking your favorite animal. You’re 13 now. You got to grow up and go. So it’s going to have to be the same thing. Some folks are going to have to step up. We have to keep the same level of consistency that he brought. He’s been big with those young receivers.”