Irsay goes to Twitter after blowout loss

INDIANAPOLIS -- It took a few hours -- maybe he was letting the embarrassing loss soak in -- but Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay took to Twitter on Sunday after his team had its worst home loss with Andrew Luck at quarterback, 38-8, to the St. Louis Rams.

The Colts trailed 28-0 at halftime and eventually 38-0 before they avoided the shutout. You can’t point the finger at one particular area on why the Colts were blown out.

  • Luck threw three interceptions and was sacked three times.

  • Indianapolis ran for 18 yards on 14 attempts.

  • Rams rookie Tavon Austin killed the Colts secondary for 138 yards on two catches.

  • Special teams gave up a 98-yard touchdown to Austin on a punt return.

Irsay has a history for getting on Twitter to voice his frustration over his team’s performance. He did it after their 24-point preseason loss to the Buffalo Bills in August. Irsay he said they had a “crap performance” and he gave his “commanders” an “earful” after the game.