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Colts' Jacoby Brissett gets big (and loud) test -- Seattle's crowd

INDIANAPOLIS -- Frank Gore called it the loudest road stadium he’s ever played in. Chuck Pagano said you can’t hear yourself think when the Century Link Field is shaking. And oh yeah, it’s quarterback Jacoby Brissett's first road NFL start.

“That culture there, the 12th man -- it’s unbelievable,” Pagano said. “We’ll prepare as best we can, especially when we are out there on offense. There’s no let-up. Again, we’ve got to do our part. We’ve got to do our job. That crowd is unbelievable.”

The Colts spent the week trying to duplicate the noise at Century Link by cranking up the music every day in practice. There were even portions of practice where Pagano told the person in charge of the music to crank up the music even more.

“By no means could we simulate what we’re headed into, which is, again, we made a big deal out of that,” Pagano said. “My apologies to everybody that lives around (the team’s facility because of the loud noise). We’ve had some emails and some letters and things like that, and I’m sorry. Just know that it wasn’t intentional to affect anybody’s Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and certainly Friday morning and afternoon. So, I apologize on behalf of the organization and the football team.”

Brissett, who is making his third straight start at quarterback, has started four games in his NFL career. All four games were played at home -- two with New England and two with the Colts. What he’s about to experience in Seattle is something different. Brissett likely won’t have a voice by the end of the game because he’ll be spending the entire time yelling to make sure his offensive teammates have the correct calls. The Colts will try to do as much nonverbal communication -- including silent snap counts -- as possible to try to offset the crowd.

“We’re playing at nighttime, so everybody’s drunk then,” Brissett joked. “I’m guessing it’ll be very loud.”

To make matters worse, the Colts have struggled with penalties on the offensive line. They’ve committed a NFL-high seven false-start penalties through the first three weeks, with two of those games played in Indianapolis. Putting themselves in obvious passing downs will have the Seahawks cuing up their defense to blitz, blitz and blitz the Colts some more.

"How do you do it? Pagano said. "You focus. Focus. Laser focus. That’s laser with a ‘Z’ -- that’s how you do it.”

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