Pagano: We have to get this bad taste out

INDIANAPOLIS -- His team was less than 24 hours removed from its second loss by at least 29 points in three games. One of the few highlights during the game came on special teams when Sergio Brown blocked a field goal. But there Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano stood behind the podium, both hands clinched to each side not with a hint of frustration in his voice. He was pretty loose during his news conference late Monday afternoon.

“There were some positives I know that may be hard for some of you to believe,” Pagano said.

The only positive that came out of Sunday’s 40-11 loss to the Arizona Cardinals was that the Colts still had a two-game lead on the Tennessee Titans in the AFC South.

Pagano and his assistants could have easily chewed the players out for their pitiful performance. But that’s not the way Pagano chooses to do things. The coaches pointed out the good and the bad just like they do after wins.

There definitely was a lot of bad to come out of the game.

• The Colts started 0-of-5 on third down and finished 5-of-13 for the game.

• They trailed 27-3 at halftime.

• Running backs Trent Richardson and Donald Brown combined for 16 yards rushing.

• Quarterback Andrew Luck had the second-lowest passing game of his career, throwing for only 163 yards.

• The defense gave up 410 yards.

“I think it would be real easy to come in after a huge win, everything is hunky dory and your issues are still there, but we know winning cures all,” Pagano said. “We can sweep whatever we want to sweep under the rug. Whether we win or lose, it doesn't matter we're right here. We stay steady, we stay the course ...We certainly want to be the same people to show up after a win, that do after a loss.”

The Colts put Sunday’s debacle behind them after their film session Monday afternoon and they'll soon shift their focus to the Titans. The Colts can move to within a game of clinching the division with a win against their division counterparts Sunday. Titans safety Michael Griffin will miss the game after the NFL been suspended him one game without pay for being a repeat violator of the league's safety rules.

You’ll likely see a different side of Pagano if the Colts drop their second straight game for the first time with Luck as quarterback this weekend.

"We know what’s at stake, we’re going to stick to the process and do what we have to do in order to give ourselves a chance to redeem ourselves, get this taste out of our mouth and take a strangle hold on the division,” Pagano said.