Adongo talks about Nelson Mandela

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Colts linebacker Daniel Adongo was born in Kenya but lived in South Africa where he played rugby.

The soft-spoken Adongo recently touched on the death Nelson Mandela, the former Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti-apartheid leader who became South African president after 27 years in prison.

“It was a life well lived,” Adongo said. “He galvanized and inspired us all, brought us together. He was the father of a nation. We all drew inspiration from his acts of patience and humility and forgiveness, especially. Just the love that he exuded for everybody and what he meant to those who actually understood his struggle. It’s a loss for us all.”

Adongo is only 24, so he didn’t experience the segregation problems that others had dealt with in the country. But things have changed there and will continue to change and they’re becoming “better people from what Nelson did.”