Triple-A team offers Luck sliding lessons

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's running ability has always been underrated. The second-year quarterback has no problem tucking the ball and taking off like he's a running back. He's third on the team in rushing with 365 yards.

The problem -- outside of possibly taking a hard hit -- is when Luck goes to slide. Let's just say you can tell Luck probably didn't play much baseball as a kid based off how he attempts to slide.

Will Luck ever learn how to slide properly?

"Umm, at some point," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said laughing. "What's the local baseball team we have down here? It's that or him and [quarterback coach] Clyde [Christensen] in Clyde's back yard with a slip'n'slide."

Pagano was joking when he asked the name of the Triple-A minor league baseball team in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Indians heard about Pagano's comments and made a video in which first baseman Matt Hague offered to teach Luck how to slide as a Christmas present.