Luck was 'never an individual sport guy'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Luck's talent and athleticism on the football field make you think he could probably excel in a number of other sports. He'd probably have such perfect form -- elbows in and follow through -- on his jump shot that they could use it on one of those basketball tutorial DVD's.

He could probably be a good baseball pitcher, too.

Golf and track?

No, never mind.

This isn't to say Luck wouldn't be good at those two sports. He just has no interest in playing them because he doesn't find individual sports -- or any other activity for that matter -- to be entertaining.

“I always loved team sports,” he said. “I was never a big individual sport guy. I don't like being alone a lot. Like my sisters could go up in their rooms a lot. I had to be around people, doing something. I ran track, but it wasn't as fun. Even baseball, in a sense, was a little too lonesome playing outfield.“

Basketball and soccer are two of Luck's favorite sports outside of football, obviously. He called playing high school basketball some of the most fun he's ever had. His fondness for basketball has him keeping a close eye on the Indiana Pacers as they try to win an NBA title this season.

“I love watching the Pacers play because they remind me of a hungry team that has something to prove every night,” Luck said. “That's why it's always fun doing things as a team, no matter what it is.”

Colts tight end Coby Fleener, who was also Luck's teammate at Stanford, started laughing when asked about the quarterback's desire not to do things alone.

Two of Luck's favorites are playing the FIFA soccer video games or the board game “Settlers of Catan.” His teammates say he's a good table tennis player, too.

“He wants to include his teammates to a fault,” Fleener said grinning. “There would be a scenario where I'd invite him over to my house. And he'll come over with like seven guys because he didn't want to be the guy that didn't invite some people to come over. That's kind of his nature. It's good to have teammates like that.”