McAfee still feels bad about Luck photo

INDIANAPOLIS -- The last thing Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee wanted was to draw some unnecessary attention to the team during the playoffs.

But that’s what happened when a picture that was meant to praise kicker Adam Vinatieri was centered around the person in the background after their wild-card victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Jan. 4.

McAfee tweeted a picture of Vinatieri, who had a towel around his waist and a sweater with a collared shirt on.

What McAfee didn’t notice when he first tweeted the picture was that quarterback Andrew Luck was naked in the background.

Fortunately for McAfee, though, a Colts employee had his phone in a perfect position – blocking Luck’s butt – to avoid having the Twitter world get a view of the franchise player’s rear end.

McAfee deleted the tweet right away, but the damage had already been done.

Websites like Deadspin and Huffington Post grabbed the picture and wrote stories about it.

McAfee said he immediately called Luck’s phone like 400 times to try to catch the quarterback before he heard about it from somebody else. Luck still hadn’t turned his phone on after the game. McAfee said he was fined between one dollar and $3 million by the team.

“I still feel bad about it today,” McAfee said. “Luckily Andrew is the best and he wasn’t upset about it.”