Pagano missed Manning's performance

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano spent one season as defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. Under him, they finished third in the league in total defense.

Pagano watched the start of his former team’s season opener against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on Thursday before finally falling asleep.

It’s probably a good thing that Pagano fell asleep when he did because that’s when Manning was, well, Peyton Manning.

The former Colts quarterback and future Hall of Famer threw five of his seven touchdown passes in the second half in Denver’s 49-27 victory over Baltimore. Manning is the first quarterback to throw for seven touchdowns in a game in 44 years. He finished with 462 yards passing.

“I didn’t see that, caught it [Friday] morning on the radio,” Paganao said. “You know what, it’s the National Football League. There’s a ton of good players out there and a ton of good teams. We’re just trying to focus on what we need to focus on and do our job and make sure we’re ready to play and come out of this thing victorious [against Oakland on Sunday].”

Pagano should get as much sleep as he can now because he and the rest of the defensive coaches likely won’t get much the week leading up to the Oct. 20 game against the Broncos. That game will likely be one of the most watched games in years because that will be Manning’s first trip back to Indianapolis since the Colts released him in 2012. Manning spent 14 years with the franchise.