Vontae Davis on the Colts: 'This is family'

Indianapolis Colts' Free-Agent Watch: Cornerback Vontae Davis

2013 stats: 46 tackles, 1 interception, 12 passes defended

End of the season locker room cleanouts are usually pretty predictable for free agents no matter what sport it is.

“Yes, I want to re-sign here,” one athlete says.

“We’ll see what happens, but I’m interested in coming back,” another athlete will say.

Free agents usually like to keep their options open about returning in case they overvalue themselves on the free-agent market. About the only time you don’t hear a player talk about returning is when there’s obvious bad blood between him and the team.

Enter Davis.

Davis, of the Colts’ free agents, broke free of that when he talked about his future.

“This is family,” he said as pointing around the locker room. “I noticed that from Day 1 when I got here. I’ve never had that before. Miami, it was more like a business-type atmosphere. I enjoy playing for the organization.”

Davis credits the Colts for resurrecting his career. They acquired him from the Miami Dolphins for a second-round pick in August 2012.

“It was the best thing that happened for me,” Davis said. “It got my career going in the right direction. Looking forward to it, the sky is the limit.”

Davis was at his best this past season when he and Greg Toler started together. It looked like Davis was on his way to earning a big pay raise from the $1.8 million he made this season early on. But he hit a little lull – possibly costing him some money – after Toler went down with a groin injury.

“It’s about reaching goals as a team," Davis said. "Coming from Miami to come here, it made me refocus on what football is really about. There truly is something special here with the Colts."

Davis is still worthy of a nice contract and there’s no reason not to believe the Colts won’t re-sign him.

"Any cover corner is going to be high on the pecking order, especially in a scheme like ours,” general manager Ryan Grigson said last week. "Vontae's a heck of a player. Again, consistency's the key. Vontae can be as good as he wants to be and you saw in some of those games this year where he just completely erased the receiver. And they were top-tier receivers in this league that it was like they didn't even play. So he does that every game and there's no reason he shouldn't be in the Pro Bowl every year. And he knows that. But we really like Vontae and like I said, once we go through this process and get to that point where we make those calls and do those things, hopefully it all works out how we want and we're better because of it."