Free-agent watch: Adam Vinatieri

Indianapolis Colts Free-Agent Watch: Kicker Adam Vinatieri

2013 stats: 139 points: 35-of-40 FG, 34-of-34 extra points

Vinatieri has only played for two teams in his 18-year career – the Colts and the New England Patriots. He would like to keep it that way if he has his choice.

“I love it here,” Vinatieri said. “The guys here are great. Again, I have all the admiration for the ownership, the coaches and the staff. It’s very comfortable here knowing when you go into the front office you know everybody by first name and all that stuff. That’s hard to duplicate or start over. Ultimately I’d love to be here, but we’ll see how it goes.”

Punter Pat McAfee, who is also a free agent, joked that he and Vinatieri are a package deal since he handles punts and kickoffs and Vinatieri is responsible for field goals and extra points.

The 41-year-old Vinatieri proved he still has a few years left in his leg. His 40 field goal attempts were third most in the league. He was 4-of-6 on kicks from at least 50 yards and 15-of-17 on kicks between 40-49 yards.

He’s not putting a timetable on how much longer he wants to continue kicking.

“I’m still loving it, I’m still enjoying coming here and putting a helmet on and going out and doing it,” Vinatieri said. “As long as I’m an asset and not a liability and I think I’m still kicking at a fairly high level, then I can continue on for a while. I know at 41 years old, 18 years in the league, I know that I’ve been around for a long time, but I also know that there’s guys who have played 25 years so, that’s seven more years. There’s plenty of days in that. I think I could go a few more years and keep it going.”