Grantland: Luck takeover starts now

Grantland has an article talking about how it's usually a good idea to assume that teams that have Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and that player who goes by Peyton Manning will make the playoffs.

And some feel that the Colts and Andrew Luck will regress this season. Andrew Sharp, the writer of the story, believes Luck will continue to get better and eventually take the league by storm.

I agree with Sharp.

I’ve already said I believe the Colts won’t win 11 games this season, but Luck -- and the rest of the team -- will be better this season.

Sharp noted that Luck was the "sloppiest of any of the four young superstar quarterbacks" last season. That's not surprising considering Luck spent most of the season taking a pounding. He was sacked 41 times and hit more than 100 times. That still didn't stop him from setting rookie records for most passing yards, attempts and 300-yard games.

I’ve only been around Luck for five weeks and I can already tell he doesn’t carry himself like he thinks he’s already made it to the top. I’ve seen that kind of arrogance out of a lot of young players I’ve covered in this business over the past 13 years.

Luck’s the complete opposite.

He constantly talks about what he did wrong and needs to fix instead of praising himself. That's what you want out of somebody who has everything necessary to be one of the best at his position for at least the next decade.