10 key plays of the Colts' season: No. 3

Handoff. Fumble. Ball bounces off the helmet. Pick it up. Touchdown.

Yep, just how the Indianapolis Colts drew it up for quarterback Andrew Luck to score a touchdown in their 45-44 AFC wild-card playoff victory over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Key play No. 3: Luck was in the right place at the right time.

The Colts were in the midst of their 28-point second-half comeback against the Chiefs when Luck handed the ball off to running back Donald Brown. Brown fumbled the ball. The ball bounced off center Samson Satele’s helmet, Luck picked it up and ran in from 5 yards out to cut Kansas City’s lead to 41-38.

"I sort of set Donald up for failure a little bit there," Luck said. "It was a loaded box and I called a run. I was hoping Donald would do one [of] his amazing plays like he'd been doing all game. It didn't happen. Sort of saw the ball there and I think you revert back to playground whatever. Pick it up and try to score."

The Colts were destined to win the game at that point.