10 key plays of the Colts' season: No. 2

Robert Mathis got in trouble for sacking quarterback Peyton Manning during his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts in 2003. Mathis faced Manning on a regular basis in practice during the week leading up to the game. And he was never allowed to touch the franchise player again in practice again after his rookie mistake.

Everything became fair play when Manning lined up under center for the Denver Broncos in Week 7 against the Colts.

Key play No. 2: Mathis finally sacked Manning

The Colts trailed the Broncos 14-10 in the second quarter when Mathis -- lined up on the right side in the down position -- blew by Broncos left tackle Chris Clark and sacked Manning, causing him to fumble. Linebacker Erik Walden fell on the ball in the end zone but not before he went out of bounds, giving the Colts a safety. Indianapolis forced the Broncos into five straight punts after the safety. Mathis sacked Manning again later in the game.