RTC: Colts would accept a gay teammate

Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star caught up with several Colts to see if they would be willing to accept a gay teammate after Michael Sam publicly acknowledged over the weekend that he’s gay.

And to no surprise, the Colts Richards talked to said they would have no problem having a gay teammate.

"All that matters is can he do the job on the field," offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo told Richards. "As teammates, that's all we really care about. When we go out on the field on Sunday, is he going to be able to do his job. If he can, he'd be a good teammate."

My extent of covering the Colts extends to only last season, but it’s easy to see that the players and everybody else in the organization would have no problem having a gay teammate. The Colts are definitely a family, which is why they’ve been able to accomplish so much over the past two seasons despite dealing with adversity at times.

Punter Pat McAfee was one of the first Colts to speak out in favor of Sam on Sunday night. McAfee said, “Love is love to me. As long as folks are happy, I'm happy.”