Andrew Luck talks about 2013 season

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck vanished shortly after their season ended with a loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC divisional round of the playoffs last month.

Luck popped back up Wednesday when he made an appearance on the Sirius XM NFL Blitz.

Luck on his second season:

"I think we did a better job as an offense of limiting turnovers, especially not throwing interceptions. That was big for us this year. Completion rate went up, that was good. Nowhere near where it needs to be, but I think on the right track. As an offense, and I know going into this offseason, definitely going to focus on situational football. How do we get better in the red zone? How do we get better on third down? What can we do better in two-minute drills or four-minute drills because as you guys know that comprises a huge part of the game, bigger than I think people know.”

On making the transition to his second offensive coordinator in as many seasons with Pep Hamilton:

“Yeah, it was good. It wasn’t too rough of a transition at all. We had our bumps in the road, if you will. Learning the offense and relearning it in some cases, but Pep did a great job of not changing everything and keeping certain things similar so guys could pick up on it quicker.”

On coming from behind to beat Kansas City in the AFC wild-card game and his seven interceptions in the playoffs:

“It was a wild game to be a part of. We definitely dug ourselves a hole and we were fortunate to get out of it, but that’s probably the biggest issue going into the offseason were those turnovers in the postseason. We did such a great job during the season of limiting them. I realize a lot of that falls on me. You can’t throw seven interceptions in two games and expect to win. You can’t throw four picks against [Patriots coach Bill] Belichick-led team, against [quarterback] Tom Brady-led team and have anything of a fighting chance. That’s a big focus this offseason and hopefully I can improve on it.”

The future of running back Trent Richardson:

"I think very bright. He comes in during the middle of the season, he doesn’t have a training camp to learn the offense. The offense is no piece of cake to learn, so I think he’s going to have a big jump. This offseason is going to be great for him, for all of us offensively. We know how talented he is. He does it everyday in practice. He has a great work ethic. Excited to work with him again this year."

On losing veteran receiver Reggie Wayne last season:

“It was tough with Reg out. Obviously so much production and third downs and red zones and everything, but guys stepped up. It was a great opportunity for other guys to step up, for myself to get better as a quarterback. And having him back is going to be awesome.”