Colts propose to open roof at halftime

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Colts have submitted a proposal to the competition committee to allow teams with a retractable roof to be able to open it at halftime of games.

The Colts play in Lucas Oil Stadium, which has a retractable roof and cost an estimated $720 million to build.

The idea is to allow fans to have a better experience at games, especially early in the fall when the weather is still nice in Indianapolis.

There have been times where the roof has been closed, which has to be decided 90 minutes before kickoff, at the start of the game because of the possibility of rain at some point, only for the weather to be nice throughout. The roof is automatically closed if there’s precipitation in the area of the stadium, the temperature is below 40 degrees or wind gusts are higher than 40 mph.

Since opening in 2008, the Colts have played games with the roof open 15 out of a possible 48 games. They’re 10-5 in those games.

The proposal will be talked about -- possibly rewritten -- and if agreed upon, it'll be taken to the league owners meetings in Florida next week to be voted on.

I’m sure the proposal will be passed because of the limited number of stadiums in the league with retractable roofs. Some teams may see it as an advantage for the home team. The Colts, Houston, Arizona and Dallas are the only stadiums with retractable roofs.

Here’s a breakdown of Indianapolis' record with the roof and/or window open at Lucas Oil Stadium, courtesy of the Colts

Roof/Window open

10 games

5-5 record

Roof open/Window closed

5 games

5-0 record

Roof closed/Window open

2 games

0-2 record

All games with at least the roof open