Colts' proposal tabled until May

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Indianapolis Colts will have to wait until May to see if their desire to be able to open their retractable roof during halftime of games will pass.

Competition committee chairman Rich McKay said the proposal submitted by the Colts has been tabled until the next NFL owners' meeting in Atlanta in May.

“(We) want to go back and look at it,” McKay said. “Want to make sure we’re right and everybody is comfortable from a competitive standpoint.”

The Colts proposed the idea to allow fans to have a better experience at games. The NFL, as McKay noted, wants to make sure the rule doesn’t give the Colts, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys, teams who play in stadiums with retractable roofs, an advantage over their opponents.

The Colts have played games with the roof open 15 out of a possible 48 games since Lucas Oil Stadium opened in 2008.