Colts use regional combine to find fullbacks

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano talked at the NFL owners’ meetings last month about the importance of having a fullback, though they’re a “dying breed” in the league.

“We all know how fullbacks are built like fire hydrants,” he said. “They’re short-necked, thick guys who love running into things. So they’re hard to find.”

The Indianapolis Colts signed two, Stephen Campbell and Cameron White, on Thursday. With only five picks in next month’s draft, going the free-agent route for a fullback is best for the Colts, because it’s unlikely they will use a pick to select one.

The Colts found Campbell and White at the New York/New Jersey and Chicago NFL Regional Combines, respectively.

Campbell had 65 receptions for 625 yards and eight touchdowns during his career at West Virginia Wesleyan. White had 94 catches for 1,145 yards and 12 touchdowns at Hillsdale College (Mich.).

Stanley Havili was the Colts' only true fullback last season. The Colts used some tight ends in the backfield when Havili was injured last season.

"There are certain situations where you're short-yardage, you're goal-line, the 4-minute offense when you're trying to take the air out of the game and you've got a lead, you want to get in a two-back formation,” Pagano said.