RTC: Luck catches a local soccer match

Here's Reading The Coverage for the Colts from over the weekend:

  • Kevin Bowen of Colts.com has a story on receiver Reggie Wayne returning to Indianapolis as he continues to work his way back from a torn ACL suffered in Week 7 last season. On what motivates Wayne to return to the playing field: “They say whatever you're doing you need to find something that motivates you. I could easily say my kids, my family, my boys. When I told them I was done for the year, I could see their shoulders just sink. I could easily say that's my motivation but that's understood. You look outside the box. You guys (the media) are the ones that say I can't do it. ‘You're 35. You're over the hill. No way I can comeback the same.' I wasn't a big newspaper reader but I've become one. Hopefully I can get you guys to kind of sing another tune and next time I read it, you can say I finally found my youth.”

  • Craig Kelley, also of Colts.com, caught up with quarterback Andrew Luck, who took some time to get away after their playoff loss to New England in January. “You do have to get away, at least in my mind you do, so I did,” said Luck, who heeded Chuck Pagano's advice to decompress before returning in April to launch preparations for 2014. “I made sure I gave myself a solid month-and-a-half, two months to get back into football shape before starting this voluntary workout session ... I know getting away from football is as important almost as making sure your mind's fresh and clear as the training aspect.”

  • Speaking of Luck, he attended an Indy Eleven soccer match over the weekend. Indy Eleven plays in the North American Soccer League. Luck is a soccer junky who enjoys traveling to Europe to watch matches.

  • Phil Richardson of the Indianapolis Star wrote a profile on tight end Dwayne Allen. Allen's second season ended in Week 1 because of a hip injury. "It really gave him a chance, as I would like to describe it, to lay down in green pastures," Colts Director of Player Engagement David Thornton said. "It was his chance to reflect and grow. It was transformational and it sparked a new passion for football and for giving. He lives to give. It's a different language now, that Dwayne speaks."