Bradshaw helped recruit Nicks to Indy

INDIANAPOLIS -- Hakeem Nicks' history with Chuck Pagano was part of the reason the receiver signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

There was also another reason Nicks was intrigued by the Colts.

His name is running back Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw referred to Nicks as "like my brother."

"I went to his house a week before [his signing] and was just telling him how great it is over here," Bradshaw said. "I think it kind of helped his decision. I was really encouraging him to come over."

Bradshaw and Nicks were teammates with the New York Giants for four seasons, which included winning a Super Bowl together.

"Me and Bradshaw shared a past in New York," Nicks said. "Just to play here with him is great. I look forward to playing on the field together again.”

Nicks, who signed a one-year deal with Indianapolis, and Pagano were at the University of North Carolina at the same time. Pagano was the Tar Heels' defensive coordinator in 2007.

"Coach texted me and [said], 'Is this going to be a great [signing]?''' Bradshaw said. "I said, 'Coach, this will help us and our team tremendously.'"