Grigson thinks deep in the draft and beyond

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson will likely spend Thursday night with one eye on the draft board, watching to see which players fall. His other eye will likely be on the clock counting the seconds down for Day 2 of the draft to start.

Grigson and the Colts will be spectators on the first day of the draft since teams with first-round picks will be the only ones selecting.

The Colts and the Washington Redskins do not have first-round picks.

Grigson is in agreement with the draft experts that this is a deep enough of draft that they’ll be in a good position when they select at No. 59 in the second round. Safety and offensive line are the top two needs for the Colts.

The draft is so deep that Grigson is open to acquiring more picks later in the draft, and he’s looking forward to signing undrafted players after.

"There’s a good handful of really good players that are going to be available for the taking," he said. "With a very deep draft and with all the juniors, the exciting thing is after the draft."

Making roster moves is a staple of Grigson’s. He enjoys finding players who teams often pass over. Linebacker Jerrell Freeman has gone from a Canadian Football League to leading the Colts in tackles. Linebacker Josh McNary spent time in the Army and now looks like he has a bright future with the Colts.

"It’s what drives us," Grigson said. "I really hope I never lose any of that zeal for finding those diamonds because that's what drove me on the road as a scout. Every once in a while you get a guy from a school that I guarantee you 95 percent of the people in Indianapolis have never heard of that blew out a pro day when he was at a D-1 school."