Grigson compares Mewhort to Mankins

INDIANAPOLIS -- Where Indianapolis Colts second-round pick Jack Mewhort will play next season likely won't be determined anytime soon because he's capable of playing every position on the offensive line.

Mewhort, who played tackle at the end of his career at Ohio State, likely has his best chance of playing at guard because of the uncertainty at that position with the Colts.

Ryan Grigson was on WFNI 1070-AM on Tuesday where he touched on Mewhort and compared him to New England Patriots All-Pro guard Logan Mankins.

"We were real happy getting him because (Mewhort) kind of epitomizes what we are looking for. We were looking for someone who's versatile, who's big, someone that's strong, someone that can pick things up quick because you know the rookie learning curve -- no matter how smart a kid is -- there's a lot going on in a young man's life when he gets thrown into this process. I think he has the skill set and the intangibles to hit his ceiling relatively fast."

"I think his ceiling is at guard. He kind of seems like he has that makeup. His style of play is suited at guard, but I really think he can play all the spots."

"When Logan Mankins was coming out, he's kind of a similar type guy to me. You thought, he's probably not a left tackle but if you left him there, he would probably be a good, solid starter. But we want guys that are going to play at a spot where they are going to ascend to their highest level and I think that might be guard, but you never know."