Jim Irsay to make Super Bowl pitch

ATLANTA -- Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is scheduled to arrive in Atlanta for the NFL spring meetings at some point on Monday to prepare to give his five-minute pitch for the city's bid for the 2018 Super Bowl.

That will be the next step for Irsay as he continues to work his way back from a stint in a rehabilitation facility following his arrest in March.

Carlie Irsay-Gordon, who had the final say on team matters while her father was at the facility, spoke publicly for the first time as she entered a media session Monday.

"All we can really say is, he's really focused and committed to get his health back in order and he's day by day getting plugged in more and more," Irsay-Gordon said. "We're looking forward to that, too."

Irsay was arrested March 17 for allegedly operating a vehicle while intoxicated. He faces four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Irsay has been out of the rehabilitation facility for at least a couple of weeks now. He's back to interacting on Twitter and he was in the team's war room during the draft.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has yet to discipline Irsay for his arrest because the owner hasn't been charged. The hold up in getting Irsay's blood work completed is because of a backlog of toxicology reports at an Indiana lab, according to the Indianapolis Star.