Colts get league-worst offseason grade

INDIANAPOLIS -- Did you think the offseason grades were rough for the Indianapolis Colts in 2013?

The offseason grades this year have been just as rough.

The Colts received the lowest draft grade in the league from Mel Kiper Jr. -- a D-plus -- and a group of ESPN NFL analysts gave Indianapolis a league-worst D-plusInsider when it comes to offseason grades.

"The situation with the owner is a disaster, Reggie Wayne is coming off injury, they gave up a first-rounder for a running back with lots of mileage and their defense is not physical -- but they have [quarterback Andrew] Luck," a general manager told ESPN.com. "The question there is going to be whether they get frustrated winning nine to 10 games per year just because of the quarterback."

The offseason moves general Ryan Grigson made could end up paying off. That won't be determined until the season starts. But it's been a rough offseason for the Colts with the arrest of owner Jim Irsay and four-game suspension of linebacker Robert Mathis.