Andrew Luck Q&A

INDIANAPOLIS -- It's not uncommon to see quarterback Andrew Luck walking around downtown Indianapolis or in England enjoying one of his favorite restaurants. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback doesn't shy away from fans stopping him to talk football. He actually enjoys the interaction. Luck's passion for the game is evident by the fact that he's one of the best young quarterbacks in the league and he's led the Colts to the playoffs in each of his first two seasons in the NFL.

But there's more to Luck.

He's a soccer fanatic and doesn't eat too much red meat.

Luck talked about those things and several other topics during a recent Q&A. Part II of the Luck Q&A will run Tuesday.

Question: It's no secret that you enjoy soccer. Who do you have winning the World Cup?

Luck: USA, come on. Who else would I pick? I'm eternally optimistic.

Q: You're sticking with USA even with coach Jurgen Klinsmann not sounding optimistic?

Luck: I sort of get it because I grew up in Germany. The soccer world is a little different over in Europe. There's always a chance to win, but even with coach Jurgen Klinsmann, I'll still support the U.S. no matter. There are a lot of good teams taking part in the World Cup.

Q: Does your schedule allow you time to head down to Brazil to watch any games?

Luck: We'll see. Not for long if I'm able to go.

Q: Have you attended a World Cup before?

Luck: Nope, never been before. Never been.

Q: It's hard to track Andrew Luck down in the offseason because you enjoy traveling so much. Where are your favorite places to travel?

Luck: I've got to think about that because there's so many great places. I grew up in London for two years, so I always enjoy going over there. A great city, a historical city. What I will say is, traveling does make you appreciate where you live and where you're from that much more. My girlfriend and I were in Europe during the (Winter) Olympics and we found ourselves being obnoxiously pro-American everywhere we went. We wore red, white and blue everywhere we went. I'm sure the Dutch didn't appreciate us as much.

Q: Did you make a pit stop in Sochi to cheer on the U.S. Olympians?

Luck: We didn't go. That involves getting a visa and you can't think about that during the season. My mind is strictly on football during the season, nothing else.

Q: Where did your itch to travel come from?

Luck: Growing up we moved around a lot and by the time I was 11, I think we had moved 13 times or something. Different countries. Even when we were living overseas, we'd come back to stay with our grandparents for the summer. We moved around a lot. Even when I was in high school getting recruited, I knew in the back of my mind I was going to leave Texas. I was going away from home because it felt like the right thing to do. Our job allows us to travel. After the season it's healthy to get away, especially after the winter we had.

Q: Are there any favorite places you enjoy to eat locally and internationally?

Luck: I've got a bunch of favorite restaurants. I know that's not a specific answer, but it's true. I really enjoy R Bistro here in Indianapolis. There's a great culinary scene in Indianapolis. The produce in the state, it's awesome. Black Market, Bluebeard, Mesh. I prefer to local eateries if I'm traveling for games or for fun. Doesn't matter if I'm in England, Germany or Indianapolis, I think food is an interesting way to enjoy the culture of a city. If we're in Nashville when we're playing the Titans, I'll ask Matt Hasselbeck where I should go eat. If we're in Chicago, I'm probably going to a steakhouse.

Q: Are a big red meat guy?

Luck: I'll eat it, but not as much as I used to for some reason. Guess it must be because I'm getting older (laughing).