Andrew Luck Q&A Part II

INDIANPOLIS -- Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck talked about his fondness for travel, food and soccer during Part I of his Q&A on Monday. He discussed what he would be doing if he wasn't the Colts' franchise player and who he would like to spend a day with if given the opportunity in Part II.

Q: If you weren't an NFL quarterback what would you be doing?

Luck: I love sports, so something in the field. I'm not good enough to be a professional athlete in any other sport. I grew up with my dad being in the sports business. I've always enjoyed that. I loved studying architecture in school. I'd love to go back to school honestly. I'm fortunate in a sense that I don't have to think about that. I realize, too, at some point in my life I won't have football. It's better to start thinking about it sooner rather than later.

Q: So you're an artist and one of the best young quarterbacks in the league?

Luck: (laughing) I had to learn to do both of those things.

Q: If you could spend a day with one person -- outside of a family member or your girlfriend -- who would it be?

Luck: That's a good question. The President of the United States. You hear people say quarterbacks are impressive because of the pressure they're always under. Think about the pressure that the President of the United States has. He has to organize people all around the world, different venues, getting everybody on the same page. He has to handle compromises. That would be fascinating. So I'd say President Obama.

Q: You're sitting at home, feet up on the ottoman and not thinking about football, what's must-see television for you?

Luck: I enjoy live sporting events. I've really gotten into the NHL playoffs. I watched probably 90 percent of the Pacers playoff games and regular-season games toward the end of the season as much as I could. TV shows, I love watching “House Hunters.” Honestly, I'd rather sit on the patio drinking coffee, reading a book or something. We watch enough film here at the facility, so I don't need to watch a lot of TV.

Q: The majority of your teammates are on social media, why have you resisted the urge to join Twitter or any other social media site?

Luck: I don't know. I had Facebook in high school. I deleted it after my freshman year in college. It's not me. It keeps things simple. I realize the value of Twitter, especially when it comes to the news part of things. Most people get their news from Twitter. I figure if it's important enough, somebody will tell me. If it's about me, hopefully I know beforehand and it keeps things simple. I don't want to be connected 24-7.