RTC: Is the magic running out in Indy?

Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz wonders if the magic the Colts used to go 11-5 and make the playoffs last season is running out.

Stephen Holder, also of The Star, writes that the Colts corrected their errors from Week 1, outgained the Dolphins, had a better third down percentage, but they still found a way to lose the game.

Michael Pointer of The Star talked to a family who attended the game as part of an Indianapolis-based company that helps developmentally challenged individuals and their families. This is a very neat story for a single mom raising a son that has cerebral palsy.

Pointer had double duty Sunday. He also wrote about how Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill outplayed his 2012 draft counterpart Andrew Luck. Luck had better numbers than Tannehill, but the Colts quarterback threw a costly interception in the fourth quarter.

Reggie Hayes of the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel says that even though Luck has been great through his young career, you can’t forget he’s still a young player. He’s played a total of 19 games.