Jaworski has Luck as a top-five QB

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and current ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski recently completed his ranking of the top 30 NFL quarterbacks.

So if you're a Indianapolis Colts fan, all eyes were on where Andrew Luck would end up in the rankings.

You knew Luck would definitely be ranked in the top 15. You hoped the third-year quarterback would crack the top 10. It turns out Jaws places Luck among the league's top five quarterbacks.

Jaws has Luck ranked higher than veterans Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick and Philip Rivers.

Seattle's Russell Wilson is the closest quarterback to Luck in Jaws' rankings from the 2012 class. Jaws has Wilson at No. 9.

"Luck has the most diverse skill set of any NFL quarterback," Jaworski said.

The only four quarterbacks Jaws ranked higher than Luck will all end up in the Hall of Fame once their careers end.

No. 1 Peyton Manning

No. 2 Tom Brady

No. 3 Aaron Rodgers

No. 4 Drew Brees

This isn't the first time Luck has been referred to a top-five quarterback in the league.

ESPN's Mike Sando talked to league insiders anonymously and they all had Luck in the top five, only trailing Manning, Brady, Rodgers and Brees.

This is a topic that could be debated because Luck is only in his third year, but what can't be debated is that he's led the Colts to 22 victories in his first two seasons. He led the Colts to the AFC South title and a playoff victory despite having a poor offensive line and not having receiver Reggie Wayne (knee) in the lineup for the final nine games of the season.