The T-shirt says it all for Colts' expectations

ANDERSON, Ind. -- It's not hard to figure out what the Indianapolis Colts' goals are for this season. Like every team in the NFL, the Colts want to be the franchise hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy at the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

Need more proof of what the Colts are trying to accomplish?

Just look at the black T-shirts they've been wearing.

Players and coaches are wearing T-shirts that feature the Lombardi Trophy on top of the word "Decide."

The Colts have already been hit with season-ending injuries to players like Vick Ballard and Donald Thomas, but that hasn't stopped them from thinking about the Super Bowl after improving in each of Chuck Pagano's first two years as coach of the team.

"We all know what the expectations are this season, our own expectations," Pagano said. "We know what the outside expectations are, but we have our own. We're chasing that Lombardi and that's our goal. That's the reason we come to work every day. Individually, players, coaches, everybody in this entire organization from the top down, everybody just has to decide how badly they want it. What are you willing to sacrifice to hoist that trophy and dance under the confetti?"