Don't expect to see much of Luck vs. Jets

ANDERSON, Ind. -- You probably want to be in front of a television right at 7 p.m. on Thursday if you want to see Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck play against the New York Jets.

Luck’s playing time in the preseason opener will likely consist of a couple of series at most.

“We’re going to play it by ear,” Colts coach Chuck Pagano said. “You never know what's going to happen. We'd love to see, in a perfect world, them go out there and have a six, seven, eight-play drive and score a touchdown, kick the PAT and then make a decision whether to get them out of the game."

Luck agrees with Pagano.

"I think you need to play," the quarterback said. "In a perfect world, you go out and have a long drive, convert a bunch of third downs and do some other good things and score a touchdown. But the Jets are formidable. A great defense, a great team. So we'll see. Sometimes it's nice being a player. You can let coaches make the decisions for you. This is one of those decisions."

Pagano said Monday that veteran receiver Reggie Wayne, who is coming off a torn ACL, will not play against the Jets.