Colts holding off on joint practices for now

INDIANAPOLIS – Joint practices between teams is nothing new.

The New England Patriots have held joint practices with the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. The Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons have also done it. And I'm sure you've heard about the joint practice between the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders because there's been plenty of scuffling going on between the two teams.

Those are just a few of the joint practices held by teams during training camp.

Teams do it so they have an opportunity to face a different opponent instead of going up against the same personnel on a daily basis in practice.

The Indianapolis Colts aren't one of the teams that are going to hold a joint practice. They looked into doing it this year, but it didn't fall into place logistically for them.

"It sounds intriguing," quarterback Andrew Luck said. "Obviously we haven't done that since I've been here. If it happens one year, great. But yeah, it'd be intriguing if and when at some point it will come up."

So what about those times where the players get tired of facing the same defense and offense over and over again in practice?

"I think it starts with the leadership," Luck said. "Coach [Chuck] Pagano always does a great job of making sure there is enough energy at practice. You look over on the defensive side of the ball and you have Robert Mathis that you're going against, LaRon Landry, whoever it is, you realize you can't take plays off. You can't get bored with things. This work is so valuable to where you want to be in the regular season."