Colts No. 8 in first Power Rankings

ESPN.com released its first Power Rankings on Tuesday afternoon. The Indianapolis Colts are ranked eighth this week. That’s about where I would have put them, too.

There’s really no argument about the seven teams ranked ahead of the Colts. If you had to debate one of the selections, you could probably argue that the Colts should be ranked higher than the Philadelphia Eagles, who are at No. 7.

What should be noted is that four of the seven teams in front of the Colts come from the NFC. That tells you how good the NFC is.

The Colts will have an opportunity in the first two weeks of the season to move up because they face Denver, which is ranked second, and the Eagles in Weeks 1 and 2, respectively. Indianapolis also plays New England, which is ranked No. 3, during the regular season.

The Colts are obviously the highest-ranked team from the AFC South. The other three teams in the division are ranked near the bottom of the league. The Texans are at 27, the Titans are one spot behind them at 28 and the Jaguars come in at 31.