Strength of schedule: Indianapolis Colts

The 2014 NFL schedule, as of now, gives the Indianapolis Colts the best chance of winning and taking the next step in the AFC.

The Colts currently have the easiest schedule for the 2014 season based off their strength of schedule. Indianapolis’ 2014 opponents have a combined winning percentage of .430. The winning percentage of their home opponents last season was .406 and the winning percentage of their road opponents was .414. Just imagine what their opponents' winning percentage would be if they didn’t play Denver (13-3), New England (12-4), Cincinnati (11-5) and Philadelphia (10-6) next season.

This is what happens when you play in the AFC South, the worst division in the league last season. The Colts, Titans, Texans and Jaguars have the four easiest schedules in the league next season.

The Colts will play teams from the AFC North and NFC East next season. Of course, things could change because several of those teams are expected to be better next season. The Colts should be a better team, too.

Here’s the Colts' 2014 schedule.

Away: Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville, New York Giants, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver and Dallas

Home: Tennessee, Houston, Jacksonville, New England, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Washington, Philadelphia