Hasselbeck second-guessing retirement

INDIANAPOLIS -- The original plan was that the 2014 season would be veteran Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's final one. He would end his 17-year career as Andrew Luck's backup.

That was the plan, at least.

Hasselbeck is no longer ready to officially call next season his last.

"I'm kind of open to anything, and my wife and I talked about this recently and I talked to a lot of my former teammates," Hasselbeck said. "The advice a lot of my former teammates have given me is right on point of what I'm feeling. Their advice has been just give everything you can to this year and the answer will happen. That's just kind of what I'm focusing on."

Hasselbeck isn't going to waste any time on giving everything. He plans to head to the state of Washington shortly after the Colts' mandatory minicamp next week. He's hired a "football guru" to "kick my butt" twice a day up there. Hasselbeck has a center he'll work with and a handful of NFL quarterbacks and receivers will also be in attendance.

"We did family vacations and things like that before April 21 this year so the time before training camp is about nothing but getting ready for training camp," he said. "Reality is, you have to work harder the older you get."

Hasselbeck, 38, likes being in the position where he basically gets to dictate his future. The same couldn't be said when the Green Bay Packers selected him in the sixth round of the 1998 draft. Back then Hasselbeck was one of six quarterbacks taking part in his first minicamp. He was just hoping he would be able to keep the mesh shorts with his name and Packers logo on them.

Hasselbeck got more than the shorts. He's passed for 34,647 yards, 201 touchdowns and 148 interceptions in his career, which includes a Super Bowl XL appearance while as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

"It wasn't until I met with Andy Reid, my quarterback coach (in Green Bay), and he told me I had a chance to be the backup," Hasselbeck said. "I wanted to hug him. What happened was I didn't learn the offense quick enough, so I couldn't do that my first year. Thankfully they were investing in the position and kept me around, a fourth quarterback on the practice squad. Otherwise I had no other options in the league."